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1:18 American Diorama: from the Hanging OUT set: JAMES


Hanging Out Set #1

You get:

1 figure, James only

In stock

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Product Description

American Diorama!

from the Hanging Out Set #1

A COOL  addition to your Diorama!

Hanging Out!

You get:


Please NOTE: All figures are NEW, but I have removed them from the original packaging to save on storage space and TO SAVE YOU MONEY IN SHIPPING. If you want one in the original packaging do NOT buy this item. I have removed the plastic and sent it to recycling.

Please do us both a favor and READ the discription!

!!! BRAND NEW !!!

Take a look at the detail packed into these figures/figurines –

The detail is excellent on these NEW figures/figurines.

Comes PAINTED just like you see in the picture.

You get 1 male figure, James, only.

The CAR’s are NOT included.

Additional Information


American Diorama